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It doesn't matter what wonderful moment you want to capture and if it's either on photo, video or both – I'll be there 110%.

To name a few, here are some of my well known services:

Oh, and also:
NO hidden costs. Whatsoever. I believe in complete transparency.


The big day just has to be photographed with all the emotions and impressions.


Concert, birthday party, fair, and and and ...

Resume Photo

A professional photo will help you enormously to make you stand out from the crowd of fellow competitors!

Single or Couple

For all who need photos of themselves. Be it for your own company, your own homepage, as a model or even as a gift for someone (the shooting!).

Handbalance and other Sports

My personal favorite.

Photos and videos of handbalancers are my specialty, but I love movement in general! So please run, jump, roll, kick or whatever-you-do knowing the moment will be captured.

If you need anything else, I'm sure we'll find a suitable solution!

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